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A timber frame construction for your next home build can provide a multitude of benefits that you simply won’t find in a traditional double brick construction method.

Blue Strike Constructions are timber frame and cladding specialists. We have honed our construction skills to make best use of the quality timber available on the Australian market. These skills combined with our extensive experience sets us well apart from other builders and allows us to offer our clients bespoke timber frames and cladded options for their homes.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with all our skills, knowledge and expertise to create a beautiful, bespoke, custom-built timber frame home that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

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Why Choose a Timber Frame Construction?

Widely adopted on the east coast of Australia, timber frame construction is rapidly becoming the preferred method of construction world-wide.

And for good reason! The benefits of a timber frame construction are undisputed.

Timber Framed Homes Can Be Built Much Faster

Timber frame construction is a much faster building method than the double brick method. Manufactured off-site, the full timber framing for your home, including walls and roof trusses are delivered to site pre-fabricated. Meaning the framework for your home can be completed within days rather than weeks.

And the time-saving benefits don’t stop there! Due to the lightweight nature of timber framing, it can be installed on a freshly poured concrete slab the very next day. This is a significant time reduction over a double brick construction which requires the slab to cure for up to a month before framing can start.

A timber frame construction allows for a plasterboard internal finish that is not only faster to install but is ready to paint within days, resulting in a much smoother and durable finish.

Timber frame homes are Cost-Effective and Allow Greater Flexibility

Pre-fabricated timber frames and trusses are extremely cost-effective. Not only are the frames constructed to a detailed plan, reducing the cost of wastage but they can significantly reduce your labour costs on site.

Timber framing can save you in other elements of your home build as well. Your slab and footings can be reduced as it doesn’t have to hold the weight of double brick construction.

And due to the nature of timber framing, we can create truly bespoke homes that hold a lot of angles or have been designed specifically to fit an odd-shaped block.

Wanting a suspended slab home, pole home or higher than normal ceilings? Often these features are considerably more expensive or simply not possible with a double bricked home. But with timber frame construction, all these can easily be achieved.

Timber framing is Energy Efficient

One of the greatest benefits of building with timber is the environmental savings you achieve. Timber framing is much more sustainably sourced and produced compared to bricks and allows for greater opportunity to implement sustainable features into your home.

Timber frames allow for us to install insulation with ease without sacrificing floor space and the framework can easily be adapted to allow extra windows and doors for cross-ventilation.

Add cladding to your timber frame design and watch your home’s personality and character come to life in the best possible way.

Flexibility in Design

The design possibilities are endless with a timber frame construction.

Energy Efficient Features

Sustainably sourced in the beginning, greater energy-efficient opportunities in the end.

Faster Build Time

No need to wait longer than you have to. Get the keys to your new home faster.

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