Our Process

Our Process for Custom Built Homes, Renovations and Extensions

At Blue Strike Constructions, we take as much pride in our building process as we do our building work. We want to make your experience working with us a pleasant and rewarding experience. One that you can look back on with joy.

When you engage with us, you can expect to be guided through the following process.

Step 1. Initial Meeting & Quote Estimates

The initial meeting is the start of our journey together. During this time, we will go through all your ideas and objectives with what you want to achieve with your home.

From minor upgrades to grand bespoke designer homes, we take the time to talk through with you all aspects of your project, any concerns you have and details around your budget and timeframes.

We’ll also run through with you at this time our overall building process and practices and work out what pieces of the puzzle you need to complete the project. If you already have concept plans and/or preliminary work completed, great! If not, that’s perfectly okay as well, we can help you with as much or as little of the process as you need.

From our meeting, you will walk away with expert advice and feedback on your project along with a general project estimate to help you determine your best way forward.

Step 2. Working Drawings, Scope of Work & Specifications

Happy with everything you’ve heard and experienced so far? Great!

We then move into the information gathering stage of the process. This is where we work on refining your plans into working drawings that include all the details we, and your local council, needs to approve and build your project.

We also gather other important information such as survey plans, soil reports, engineering plans and the materials and finishes you want in your home. This helps us to prepare a thorough and accurate price for your home to be renovated or built from scratch.

During this stage, you will have the opportunity to discuss any of the details, make changes to the plans or specifications or go through any other concerns or queries you have before a contract is prepared.

Step 3. Contracts

Once we have locked in the design of your project and all the materials, fixtures and finishes, we will work to prepare a full fixed-price contract. This outlines not only the price but all the relevant information relating to your project.

This information includes contingencies, warranties, insurance during the project, and all the details of what materials we will be using and how we will be working to construct your perfect home.

Here, you will have more opportunities to go through all the contract details, ask questions and step through the project timeline.

We put considerable effort into our contracts to ensure that everything is covered and you have all the information you need to make an informed and confident decision. We appreciate the emotions that go into deciding who to trust to build or renovate your home, and so we allow you as much time as you need to go through the information provided and ask as many questions as you need.

When you are happy with all the details and are ready to move forward, the contract is signed and we organise for you to pay a deposit to get started.

Step 4. Applications and Approvals

Ready to go? Fantastic! Once you have approved and signed the contract, we move into the applications and approvals stage. This is where we prepare and submit your application for council approval. There is absolutely nothing for you to do here, other than dream about where your furniture will go in your new home. We take care of the process for you and keep you updated and in the loop the entire time.

During the applications and approvals process, we also organise Homeowner Warranty Insurance for your protection during the construction stage.

Once approvals are granted and a building permit is obtained, we move on to the action stage… Construction!

Step 5. Construction

When your project approvals are back from council, construction of your new custom home or renovation commences.

It may feel like it has taken a while to get here, but preparation is truly in the planning. Ticking all the boxes and lining up all the ducks in the previous stages has set us up well for a smooth and seamless construction stage.

Your home will be taken care of and constructed to the highest standards. And should you have a change of mind or want to make minor tweaks to your project during this stage, we can accommodate and work with you to achieve the best outcome.

Just like all other stages, we maintain an open line of communication so there are no surprises and you are aware of everything that is taking place throughout the build.

Step 6. Handover, Warranties & Support

Finally, the day has come. Handover! This is when the construction has been completed and your home is ready for you to move into and enjoy.

During handover, we walk with you through your new (or newly renovated) home and go over all of the details to ensure everything is working as it should and you are happy with the result. We also give you a rundown on new appliances and features and talk to you about the warranties available to you and our satisfaction guarantees.

While the project at this point is technically complete, rest assured that our relationship doesn’t end here. We want you to be as confident in our service and workmanship as we are. Each home is offered a six-year structural warranty, dated from practical completion. 

Have a question about our building processes?

Have a question about our building processes or want to get started with an initial consultation for your custom built home or renovation?

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