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Have a question about building or renovating your home? Researching construction companies in Perth? We answer our most frequently asked questions about all things residential construction, custom-built homes as well as renovations & extensions below.

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There’s a big difference between a custom home builder and a project builder. A project builder (also known as a volume builder) builds houses based on a limited number of house designs and they construct a large quantity of these homes every year. Project homes are ideal for standard suburban blocks and are often offered for sale as house and land packages.

A custom home builder in comparison takes on far fewer projects, works with unique home designs for each home they build and works directly with the client to make the home completely customisable to their needs.

A custom-built home is the way to go if you have a unique, sloping or odd shape block and you want to design your home to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

To deliver a full and accurate quote, we will require some preliminary information to ensure we are quoting you correctly. This information includes:

Construction plans (council approved plans are ideal, but we can also work with concept plans if you have not submitted plans to council yet.
Engineering plans and reports, including soil reports
Energy efficiency reports
A list of products and finishes (specifications) you would like in your home

If you don’t have this information yet, that’s okay. Give us a call and we can help you work through the requirements.

If you don’t have any plans for what you want your custom home or renovation to look like, we can recommend services that can help you create detailed plans. We work closely alongside Architects and building designers to provide you with a full design and construct service.

Great question! There are several ways to do your due diligence on your builder to determine if they are who they say they are. Your first point of call would be to check their licence with Licencing WA.

This check will tell you if the builder is qualified and fully licensed to carry out your construction.

Also, take into consideration the builder’s interactions with you to date. Do they appear professional? What is their communication like? Have they provided you with a professional proposal outlining not only the cost of your build but the details regarding contingencies, insurances and warranties?

Testimonials, reviews and feedback from past clients is also a great source of information to help you determine if the builder is trustworthy and good to work with.

We’d love to give you a clear answer here but without knowing the nature of construction, the size of your home, the complexity of the build, the requirements for site preparation, your selected finishes and so on, we’d be hard-pressed to provide with an accurate answer.

We are, however, happy to talk through all these elements relating to your specific project and provide you with a professional proposal.

Another tough question to answer off the cuff! The timeframe for all projects will depend on the size, scale, complexity, site conditions, weather conditions, availability of materials, products and finishes.

What we can guarantee you is that we work efficiently to ensure your home is completed within the time frames provided once we have recieved all the details for your project.

Absolutely you can! As long as the work is not legally required to be completed by a licenced tradesman. During the preliminary stages of your project, we can discuss the project in full and talk about any of the work you want to complete yourself.

We can also adapt and tailor our contracts to suit both your budget and project requirements.

100% yes!! Building a custom home means you have a beautiful, unique and fully customised home to suit your family and lifestyle. It also allows you to experience a more personal and intimate construction experience. And you’ll be able to choose from any product, material and finish on the market. Not just a select few that the builder makes available.

Building a custom home also means you have direct access to the builder working on your home. You will never be just a number having to work your way through a hierarchy of people trying to get information on your project.

Unlike other construction companies, Perth, with a custom home builder, you receive a completely customised home along with a completely customised experience.

We love timber-framed and cladded homes and recommend them over brick or veneer homes for the following reasons…

  • The construction is much faster than a double brick method
    The cladding is lightweight, yet extremely durable.
  • There are several cladding styles available to suit your taste and budget.
  • Cladding provides beauty and character to your home that can often be lost in a brick or veneer finish.

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