5 reasons to choose timber frame construction over double brick

Double brick homes are without a doubt part and parcel of the West Australian landscape. For many years, it’s been the construction method of choice for many Perth homeowners. Yet, if you look to the Eastern seaboard of Australia, you will find that double brick is not as common or as popular. 

Timber frame construction has been the preferred method of building for our Eastern neighbours and when you consider the benefits of timber framing, it’s not hard to see why.

In fact, the benefits of constructing your home out of timber frames compared to double brick are so great, we have adopted this method as our preferred method of construction and every day, more and more Perth homeowners are considering timber frame construction when building their homes.

If you are on the fence about using timber frames, here are five solid reasons why you should be choosing timber frame construction over a double brick build.  

1. Using timber frame construction means your house is built much faster

Time is one of the biggest advantages of timber frame construction. Your house framing can be constructed off-site, while your site is being cut, your footings are going down and your slab is being poured. By the time you get to the framing stage, the timber frame is already constructed and is simply delivered to the site to be erected. This means you can be installing your roof only a short couple of weeks after starting your build, compared to months with double block homes. 

You are also able to save time by installing the framing directly onto your slab the day after the slab is poured. There is no need to wait a month or so for the concrete to cure before your frame and trusses can go up. So, you’re already a month and a half to two months ahead at this stage by simply choosing timber frame construction over double brick.

Add to this the time-saving factor on the plasterboard installation and cladding, which is a much smoother process when installed on a timber frame. All in all, you are looking at roughly a 3 to 6 month time saving on your build. 

2. Timber frame construction is cost-effective

Constructing your home out of timber frames is cost-effective in more than one way. Not only is the timber itself comparable in price to brick, but the nature of the timber frame construction allows you to save in other areas of the build as well. 

As timber frames are engineered and constructed to detailed specifications, they are manufactured off-site and delivered ready to go. This means there is very little to no wastage on site (so no expensive clean up) and the labour costs to stand the frames and trusses significantly reduces your labour costs. 

Now, compare this to double brick construction, which can be very labour intensive and there is a fair degree of wastage, and you may find there is really no comparison. 

If you’re building a home in a rural or remote location, you will also save on the cost of delivery of the timber frame compared to the haulage cost of thousands of bricks. 

3. Timber frame construction allows for greater flexibility

Flexibility is also a great reason to choose timber frame construction over traditional brick homes. You have much more options with the design of the home, which is great if you have a sloping block or an oddly shaped block. 

Timber frame construction opens the door to options such as pole homes or suspended slabs and even higher ceilings which would simply not be a viable option (or would be considerably more expensive) in a double brick home. 

With a timber frame home, you can design your home to perfectly fit your block or incorporate bespoke features such as angled walls, cladding and timber panelling throughout at a more affordable price.

Even the little things like hanging pictures or shelves within the home can be a much easier process with timber framing. 

And when you are faced with a rapidly growing family and a home you are quickly growing out of, you can look at expanding through an addition or extension fairly easily compared to a double brick home that would require careful consideration to expand and extend the home. 

4. Timber frames are good for the environment and your carbon footprint

Not only is timber framed homes faster to build, more cost-effective and much more flexible than traditional builds, but they can be highly energy-efficient and help you reduce your carbon footprint

Timber framing is a sustainably sourced material and not heavily manufactured like bricks are. Because it is a renewable material, it can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Using timber framing allows for the ability to improve the insulation qualities of the home and reduce energy costs.

Who doesn’t want to have a healthier home and save money on their power bills, right? 

Due to the lightweight nature and size of the timber frame, you can install insulation within the framing cavity. This means you get all the benefits of insulation in your home without having to sacrifice extra floor space. Win-win.

It’s also worthwhile pointing out here that timber frames have a low thermal mass resulting in the home heating up quickly and cooling down quickly. Double brick homes in comparison can take a long time to both heat up and cool down resulting in higher energy costs.  

Because timber framing is so lightweight and easily adaptable, it can be much easier to incorporate extra (or larger) windows and doors which also allows for much more efficient cooling throughout the home thanks to cross ventilation. 

5. Timber frames are lightweight yet durable

Despite the lightweight elements to the timber framing, they are actually very sturdy and are carefully engineered and manufactured to a high standard and quality. This means that even though they are quick and easy to install, highly adaptable, good for the environment and cost-effective, they are also very durable.

When manufactured and constructed correctly, your timber frame will withstand the test of time. Combined, both the frames and trusses together form a very robust structure. 

When you think about it, there is very little reason not to choose a timber frame construction for your home. 

Timber frames are: 

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Highly adaptable to the size, shape and design of your home
  • Cost-effective compared to brick construction methods
  • Extremely durable

As one of Perth’s leading timber frame custom builders, we can talk you through everything you need to know about timber frame construction.  Give us a call to find out why choosing a timber frame for your next home build can save you both time and money.